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HRD – Hair Reconstruction Device

Partial or complete Hair Loss due to a medical condition such as radiation or Chemotherapy treatments can be emotionally devastating to a patient already suffering from the primary medical condition. We believe that looking your best helps you feel better, which helps you heal better. Many limit themselves to wearing wigs (which are hot, unrealistic looking, and having a fringe), as well as scarves and hats, which offers little comfort or a healthy-looking appearance, which is vital to healing.

Hence, WHITE CLIFFS are pleased to offer our nonsurgical, medical Hair Replacement product “Mayfair HRD” that breathes like your skin, and is capable of giving a patient a completely natural, healthy appearance. Our Mayfair HRD device will replace all of the patient’s hair and allows them to sleep, shower and perform all their normal daily activities (if they desire). Importantly, we know that a patient who achieves and maintains a healthy image during the recovery process will benefit tremendously from it.

Our Mayfair HRD is the first FDA listed and registered Hair Replacement product in the world that is advanced, safe, effective and natural looking. Our solution is based on the belief that the quality of life of medical-hair-loss-related patients depends on the quality of the Hair Replacement system.

These medical hair devices are specifically developed for the unique needs of Oncology patients or those suffering from Alopecia. They are the first FDA listed cranial devices that are suitable for men, women and children and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

Nobody needs to know, by looking at the patient, how ill a patient might be. With this solution, we fit you with a custom hair prosthesis before you lose your hair. That way, you are assured to look the same before, during and after the therapy.

WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio is pleased to be the only supplier of the Mayfair HRD in the UK and we offer a full support and education service for both medical teams and patients alike.

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