To Whom it may Concern:

I would like to share my experience at your Birmingham Hair Replacement branch. When I first contacted you I felt I had no hope. I was with another hair replacement company who ripped my hair off during a reattachment, the Hair System constantly fell apart and I was treated like a child. I can’t begin to tell you how depressed I was. I had no social life left, it had damaged my relationships. I stopped being a lively outgoing person. I became depressed and lost all faith of getting help.

After my consultation with your manager Steve Cleary at your Birmingham branch , I was amazed at how well I was treated. Your prices were reasonable, your manager was truly amazing. He has managed to turn my whole experience around. He is always available to go over my concerns. He constantly stays positive and helpful.

White Cliffs has not let me down. I finally feel I will get my hair back and if I don’t, I know I have other options which will enable me to get on with my life. My family and friends say since I have been a client at White Cliffs I have gone back to my old self.

My experience at white cliffs has been amazing. If it was not for Steve and his staff I don’t know where I would be today. I look forward to my appointments and seeing your staff. They truly make me feel welcome and I can’t thank them enough. It is very rare to meet people who will find the time to go the extra mile and beyond.

Your staff is a true credit to your company. Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully,


“I had no idea just how much I had lost until WHITE CLIFFS gave it all back to me. When I think that this is what I’m actually paying for, I know I got a steal. Come on! This is the best money I ever spent!”

“My appearance looks so natural that even I forget that I’m now a WHITE CLIFFS client. That’s when you know you have found an amazing solution … when you can just go on and enjoy your life without thinking about it.”

“When I signed on I didn’t realize what I was paying for. I had no idea I could buy back my self-confidence and self-esteem. I thought I was paying to restore my natural appearance but I was buying back my life.”

“When I walked into WHITE CLIFFS’ studio, I thought I was trying to look good. After a few months of clubbing, going to the beach and even doing better in my job, I understand that I was always looking to feel good. But WHITE CLIFFS knew all along.”