Client Testimonials

“The hair transplant surgery wasn’t as scary as the prospect of being bald for the rest of my life. After my hair transplant surgery procedure my confidence … no, my life, was restored! Thank you WHITE CLIFFS!”
– Michael Szabo
“Hours daily fussing over my hair each morning in front of the mirror was no way to live when there was hair transplant surgery available. I’m glad I took a second look at it.”
– Rick Manne
“Nobody can ever anticipate what hair loss will do to their lives. I was devastated. Now, I can live again, freely and naturally. Since my hair transplant surgery, I have returned to my active lifestyle; I run, I swim in the ocean near my home and most importantly, I’ve found love for myself again.”
– Ronnie Assael
“Hair transplant surgery from WHITE CLIFFS saved my life because no other method worked for me. I’m not the hair system type. For years I felt paralyzed but now I am not afraid to the face the world any more.”
– Gerald Henderson
“I got hair transplant surgery from your clinic and my life is better. It has been nine months since my restoration, I’m thrilled with the results.”

– Jacob Boiman

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