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Hair Extensions

Questions and Answers

WHITE CLIFFS Hair is proud to present WHITE CLIFFS Be Kind to Your Hair Xtensions here in the UK.

As hair specialists we offer the finest and most advanced 100% human Hair Extensions that are virtually undetectable and applied with the safest and most natural techniques available.

More than just extending length and fullness, WHITE CLIFFS are stylish and comfortable and available in any texture, colour or length without the need for glues, adhesive tapes or high-tension braids. In addition the care routines we prescribe for your WHITE CLIFFS can be continued even when not wearing our Hair Extensions; this will always ensure that your own hair is always in the best possible condition.

Whether it’s for fashion or simply to thicken your own hair, WHITE CLIFFS offers a safe and natural solution that will instantly add length and increase thickness to your existing hair. Ultimately WHITE CLIFFS will cause no unnecessary harm to your own hair.

Can I customize the color and exact length of Hair Extensions in general?

Our “Be Kind” extensions are fully customized exactly to the way a customer desires them– this is why you work with your own, personal designer to achieve the look you want. From color, length, style, density to curl amount, if you have fine hair we customize the hair for finer types of hair, like wise if you have coarser hair the same customization is done. Natural hair comes in many colors so you will find that every hair extension has many colors incorporated into it, to give a natural look and perfect color blend.

You tell us exactly what you want and how you want to look and we will perfectly create the look you desire.

Can I wash my hair as normal in the shower or bath or do I need special care?

WHITE CLIFFS’ Be Kind extensions are meant to be lived in, so go ahead and shower, swim, run, bathe, or whatever you want to do without any worries. You can continue to use your normal styling products and can even curl and straighten them exactly as you do with the rest of your hair. We will give you a list of do’s and don’t which will enable you to keep your extensions in tip top condition

What is the process of getting the Hair Extensions?

Our first consultation is where we find out what you desire and you can see what we offer.  If you decide that you like what we offer, then we book you in for a design with your own, personal designer and together create your look.   Once you are satisfied, we then produce your hair that takes about 6 to 8 weeks. When your hair is due to arrive, we call you in and book you in for your fitting which takes about 3hours, very straightforward, no mess no fuss and very quick. A very simple, straightforward process.

Will extensions damage my hair?

The technique we use to attach the extensions are done so that your own hair is not damaged when wearing them and taking them out.

Unlike glues and heated bonds that require heat and chemicals to remove them which can often take a lot of your own hair with it! Our techniques do not cause damage to your own hair, likewise the maintenance is very quick and easy and never require you to take all of your extensions out if you don’t need or want to.

How are they attached?

Our Micro beads are super-lightweight and are set at an optimum distance from your scalp, to allow for enough movement yet cause no pressure which can harm the anchor hair shaft… routine maintenance for adjustments is minimal at 6 to 8 weeks… they are easily removed or adjusted without use of damaging heats, glues, brushing, etc. That’s why we called them Be Kind To Your Extensions.

What length is suitable?

It all depends on what you want; the maximum length available is 22 inches.

What is best Human hair or Synthetic?

This is a debate that opens up everywhere and has gone on for some years. Synthetic hair is very strong and can look very good but it is very restrictive and not as versatile as human hair. Synthetic hair cannot be colored or curled and does not blend perfectly and naturally with your own real hair. When used with heat appliances like straightens and tongs the hair can burn and create a smell.  Our Be Kind To Your Hair Extensions are 100% Human hair that can be styled, flow perfectly naturally with your own hair, have the texture and sheen of natural hair, and is very strong. We only use the absolute highest quality human hair that is why we have such a great warranty.

I want to add streaks of color throughout my hair; can your extensions do this? Can I color them if I wish?

Absolutely, our Be Kind To Your Hair Extensions are completely customizable… meaning that whatever color, length, style, curl level are completely up to you. You cannot color them yourself but we are happy to color them at our salon for you.

Can I add volume instead of length?

Yes definitely. Many of our clients use extensions to add volume to their existing hair instead of length to give their style more body and fullness.

What is the cost of these Hair Extensions?

The cost depends on how many you require, which is hard to tell without seeing you. We always suggest that you come in for a free consultation and let us know what you would like, then we can give you accurate pricing… As we are completely customized we can cater for you in all respects without ever compromising the quality or final results of your Hair Extensions.

Will they be noticeable?

Not at all, our aim is to make your hair look as natural as possible and blended in with your own hair naturally.

How long do they last?

We have different hair types for different durations, some may only want them in for special occasions whilst some clients are looking for everyday long term wear, we can cater for both desires accordingly and you can discuss this during your consultation.

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