WHITE CLIFFS has developed the most Innovative and Premium hair care products in the hair loss industry. Our standards are demanding, having to meet the special needs of our clients and the reputation of our brand: high proteins, natural oils and ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, and wheat germ, and tightly controlled production. Our products are innovative: mini sprays that add nutrients, gels that nourish your hair as well as hold it in place, and shampoos that deeply moisturises as well as add protein.

Our Better Way™ hair care products provide funding for our WHITE CLIFFS Foundation. A percentage of every Better Way™ product sold goes to help fund the Foundation which works with the likes of Karen Millen and her Cancer charity for teens, children, and those devastated by Hair Loss in the UK.

Gentle moisture
Mild moisturising shampoo super enriched with vitamins

A moisturising shampoo super enriched with vitamins A and E to strengthen and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. Natural humectants help to restore and maintain hairs moisture balance. Botanical extracts help to moisturise the scalp for a healthy, refreshed feeling. Your hair will be more manageable, fuller and shinier with every use.
Directions: Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair and work into lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with WHITE CLIFFS Conditioning Rinse.

Gentle Moisture
Gentle Conditioning RINSE Smoothes hair, restoring moisture and shine

This light, daily botanical conditioner restores moisture and shine while smoothing and sealing the hair’s sensitive cuticle. Locks in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair. Special conditioning extracts tame unmanageable hair. Your hair will be fuller, shinier and more manageable with every use.
Directions: After shampooing, apply a small amount of conditioning rinse to hair and distribute evenly. Leave on 1 minute for general conditioning or up to 5 minutes for more intense conditioning. Rinse completely.

Curl Care Detangler
Strengthens and restores beautiful curls with essential moisture and shine

A unique protein conditioner and detangler for instant manageability, volume and gloss. Fortifying protein helps prevent split ends and smoothes the hair cuticle. Panthenol adds body to hair. An excellent spray-on detangler for long, permed, dry or frizzy hair. Antistatic agents reduce flyaway hair.
Directions: To detangle and condition hair, spray evenly throughout hair. Comb through and style as desired.

Firm Hold Spray
All day hold with botanical extracts for enhanced shine

An outstanding workable spray in a non-aerosol pump. A special blend of resins provide all day hold with a more flexible feel. Fast drying for superb hair sculpting and styling versatility with unmatched shine. Conditions with each application and prevents damage caused by environmental stress. Natural extracts moisturise,control static and resist humidity. Brushes out easily to eliminate breakage. 55% VOC
Directions: As a working spray, spritz lightly and work through using your favourite styling technique. For finishing hold container 10 to 12 inches from hair and spray after desired look is achieved. Reapply as needed.

Weightless Styling Gel
Styling Creme provides shine, texture and manageability

Concentrated crème provides weightless texture, shine and manageability. Builds body to straight hair styles, excellent on layered or textured hair, defines curl and waves. Creates natural looking results.
Directions: Place a small amount into hands emulsify then work into damp hair from root to ends. Add slightly more product where additional lift is desired. Style with blow dryer using brush or hands.

Shine on Spray
To add shine and lustre

Just that. Shine, brilliance, lustre, whatever you want to call it. This product puts that healthy glow back into your hair replacement system.
Directions: After styling spray a light spray onto the hair avoiding roots to add a glossy Shine.

A dry, workable shaping spray

Developed as a dry, workable spray that provides medium hold and tremendous shine. Environmentally friendly ingredients promote healthy hair. Product never flakes and leaves hair brushable for restyling. 55% VOC
Directions:As a working spray, spritz lightly and work through using your favorite styling technique. To add volume, lift hair and spray at root area in short bursts or use with a blow-dryer for added body. For finishing, hold container 10 to 12 inches from hair and spray after desired look is achieved. Reapply as needed.

For volumising, texturisingand settingEnhanced with botanicals

Advanced alcohol-free, non-aerosol formula gives you the convenience and versatility of a spray gel together with the conditioning and volumizing properties of mousse. Revitalizes permed hair and texturizes virgin hair. Super-enriched with natural botanical extracts for unsurpassed body and shine. Gives sets added body and bounce.
Directions:Can be used on damp or dry hair. Spray on hair wherever lift, volume and control are desired. Follow with your favorite styling technique or let hair dry naturally.

The Ultimate DHT Blocker and Hair Nutritional
Advanced Herbal Alternative to Propecia | Blocks DHT from Attacking/Shrinking your Hair | Safe and Effective for Men and Women

The most widely accepted theory of what causes Androgenetic Alopecia is the DHT factor. DHT is produced when the enzyme 5 alpha reductase combines with testosterone. DHT then attaches itself to the hair follicle eventually causing it to stop producing hair.
The scientific explanation for this has to do with the male hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. DHT appears to affect the hair follicles (from which the hair grows) by depriving them of food and oxygen and in turn shrinking them down. As the hair follicle weakens, the hair it produces will get thinner and thinner. Eventually, the hair follicle dies and stops producing hair altogether. When enough hair follicles die then this is when you begin to notice the thinning of your hair and even balding areas. This, of course, doesn’t happen to everyone. That is where the genetic factor comes into play. Certain people have certain cells that are sensitive to DHT. This sensitivity is an inherited trait; fortunately WHITE CLIFFS COMPLETE offers an effective treatment for this hereditary hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia.
WHITE CLIFFS COMPLETE harmlessly binds to Androgen receptors on your hair and stops DHT from binding to hair follicles and shrinking/killing your hair. With less DHT binding to your Androgen Receptors, your hair starts to grow and resumes the normal cycle of hair growth. As less and less DHT binds to your hair, it has the chance to grow into a strong healthy hair. Small hairs can grow bigger and dormant hair can start to grow again.

WHITE CLIFFS Advanced Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a vasodilator; a vasodilator is a drug or chemical that relaxes the smooth muscle in blood vessels, which causes them to dilate which in turn leads to a decrease in blood pressure. Minoxidil was exclusively used as an oral drug (Loniten®) to treat high blood pressure but then it was discovered to have the interesting side-effect of hair growth and reversing baldness. In the 1980s Upjohn Corporation produced a topical solution that contained 2% Minoxidil to be used to treat baldness and hair loss, under the brand name Rogaine in the United States, and Regaine worldwide.
We have known for over 30 years that Minoxidil stimulates hair growth, yet it is hard to understand the mechanism of its action on the hair follicle. Topical Minoxidil may stimulate hair growth by increasing the linear growth rate and diameter of the hair fibre, increase blood flow, alter the hair cycle by shortening the telogen phase and increase anagen phase or act through a combination of these effects. The overall result is more follicles stay in growth phase causing longer and thicker hair and improved coverage of the scalp. Several cycles may be necessary before maximum potential hair growth can be achieved.
Minoxidil is less effective when there is a large area of hair loss. In addition, its effectiveness has largely been demonstrated in younger men (18 to 41 years of age) and in those with balding in the central (vertex) portion of the scalp. Treatments usually include 5% concentration solutions that are designed for men, whereas the 2% concentration solutions are designed for women.

WHITE CLIFFS Dexpanthenol

Dexpanthenol acts as a cleanser of the scalp and hair follicles and has been designed to treat excess secretion of the sebaceous glands and seborrheic dermatitis and it may eliminate the need for strong prescription drugs such as cortisone lotions or at least aid in the process.
There are four major ways that Dexpanthenol works
1. B vitamins – with strong concentration of B vitamins particularly B5. Dexpanthenol gives your hair the B 5 it needs. B 5 is important for the strength of your hair.
2. Dissolve Sebum – Dexpanthenol dissolves sebum, flaks (dandruff). Excess sebum can cause hair to die or break prematurely. In many cases clients who have been harsh dandruff shampoos that harm their while trying to get rid of dandruff, can now completely stop using dandruff shampoo.
3. Dexpanthenol – has been shown to increase the permeability of the stratum correum outer layer, thus facilitating in exchange of gases and liquids across the outer barrier of the scalp.
4. Makes Minoxidil work better – Through cleaning of the scalp of sebum, and increasing the permeability, Dexpanthenol paves the way for better permeability of Minoxidil. It just makes sense, if sebum is blocking the Minoxidil from getting into the hair follicle to do its work, it can’t work.

WHITE CLIFFS “DEA Free” Shampoo Cleanser

Our commitment to creating the finest hair care product is matched only by our concern for our clients. That’s why WHITE CLIFFS ‘DEA Free’ Shampoo Cleanser is the perfect choice for those who want to create thicker, fuller hair and works perfectly on your own hair or combined with a WHITE CLIFFS Re-growth and improvement programme (Laser Therapy and Minoxidil)
This is not to be used on hair replacement systems as it doesn’t offer the same moisture as WHITE CLIFFS Gentle Moisture Shampoo or WHITE CLIFFS Protein Crème Conditioner which is formulated to gently moisture the hair and hair replacement systems.
Unlike almost all other commonly used hair and scalp cleansing products, WHITE CLIFFS ‘DEA Free’ Shampoo Cleanser has been scientifically formulated without DEA and SLS as a part of its active ingredients.
In light of recent research regarding the safety of DEA and SLS, we offer this healthy alternative – a blend of mild, non-irritating cleansing agents with water-soluble polymers that provides moisture and added shine to the hair but without harsh and potentially damaging chemical additives. Those chemicals (DEA and SLS) irritate you hair follicle for up to a week. A hair follicle that’s already having trouble producing hair, irritated with the SLS & DEA in 95% of shampoos is not going to help it; WHITE CLIFFS ‘DEA Free’ Shampoo Cleanser doesn’t irritate your hair follicle or strip your hair of the essential oils it needs.
Because WHITE CLIFFS ‘DEA Free’ Shampoo Cleanser is so gentle, it can be used every day. Its unique formula effectively removes undesirable scalp residue and build-up while simultaneously providing strength, moisture and shine to the hair. After shampooing use WHITE CLIFFS Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment.

Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment

The only product on the market with over 25 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are the essential building blocks for thicker, healthier hair. Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment replenishes dry, stressed hair with moisture by infusing the hair with all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that your hair needs. The treatment also helps energize and protect your hair from harsh chemical treatments, styling add heat, sit gives hair a lively look and feel
Directions:evenly distribute throughout the hair, let sit for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

HairMAX Laser Comb

The HairMAX LaserComb is a revolutionary product officially sold in the UK by White Cliffs, and the first drug free device ever to receive FDA1 approval for hair re-growth. It is only the third product in history to receive FDA approval for hair loss- the others being Regaine and Propecia but without the adverse side effects that these drugs may cause.
The HairMAX Laser Comb is a patented device which has been clinically proven to promote hair growth. HairMAX offers a scientific and engineering breakthrough that brings laser therapy into a product that is affordable and convenient.
White Cliffs is the official UK Distributor for HairMAX and has been using this product for many years with a very high success rate.

How the HairMAX LaserComb works
The HairMAX LaserComb is based on 20 years of research and study into the benefits and effects of Low Level Laser Therapy. HairMAX uses the optimal energy level and wavelength of light, combining this with a patented system to deliver energy directly to the scalp for maximum results.
For the FDA Submission, the study concluded that 93% of the participants using the HairMAX LaserComb had an increase in the number of terminal hairs!
1. Re Grows hair
Reduces hair loss and promotes hair re-growth.
2. Produces fuller, thicker, healthier hair
Increases the density of your own hair naturally
An increase in tensile strength (less breakage)
Makes hair shinier and more manageable
3. Improves hair and scalp condition
Repairs and improves hair shaft quality
Less dandruff, irritation and scalp itch.
4. Easy to use in the convenience of your own home
Only 10 to 15 minutes, three times a week for optimum results
No more daily messy lotions or supplements with worrying side effects
5. Safe Full FDA Approval from the United States.
Certified for European Safety Standards with CE Marking.
Complies with International laser product safety standards
6. Versatile
Can be used in conjunction with complimentary therapies and other
hair care products
7. Affordable
No more high, ongoing costs.
The HairMAX offers two models a Select version 5-beam and a
Premium 9-beam
8. Quality construction
To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, Lexington International,
LLC is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company.