Welcome to the WHITE CLIFFS Online Store. You are one click away from the best hair replacement products to support the best hair systems. We also sell the Hair Max Laser Comb and other proven hair loss treatments.

WHITE CLIFFS has developed the most Innovative and Premium hair care products in the hair loss industry. Our standards are demanding, having to meet the special needs of our clients and the reputation of our brand: high proteins, natural oils and ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, and wheat germ, and tightly controlled production. Our products are innovative: mini sprays that add nutrients, gels that nourish your hair as well as hold it in place, and shampoos that deeply moisturises as well as add protein.

Our Better Way™ hair care products provide funding for our WHITE CLIFFS Foundation. A percentage of every Better Way™ product sold goes to help fund the Foundation which works with the likes of Karen Millen and her Cancer charity for teens, children, and those devastated by Hair Loss in the UK.

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