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Products that Regrow Your Hair

Clients who participate in our Hair Regrowth Therapy programs should be encouraged to combine the following hair regrowth products with our topical Hair Regrowth Therapy programs.

Our highly trained, expert hair loss consultants can customize an individualized Hair Regrowth Therapy program for you that uses one or more of the following products:


Apply once a day. Ensure that the solution is left on the scalp for 6-8 hours. For directions on applying the lotion consult the bottle.

DHT Blockers

Take 2 tablets every day. One in the morning and one in the evening as directed.

12% Coenzyme

Massage into scalp three times a week.


Scalp Cleanser; Apply before shampooing across the whole scalp

DEA Free Conditioner

Apply shampoo to the scalp, leave on area for 3-5 minutes and wash out with warm water. Apply two to three times a week.

DEA Free Shampoo

This is to be applied with the vitamin plus. Again leave in for 3-5 minutes and then wash out with warm water. Apply two to three times a week.

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