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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair System?  Ask Keyleigh.

“Ballerina Defies Hair Loss”

Seven year old Kayleigh has suffered from Hair Loss since she was 15 months old. A combination of a respiratory condition, stress and inherited genes have caused Kayleigh’s hair to completely fall out. For such a young pretty girl, coming to terms with losing her hair has been difficult, but something she has conquered.

Kayleigh’s story is a familiar one to many Hair Loss sufferers. The family pursued appointment after appointment and endured much stress and frustration from having few answers or results. The family underwent endless consultations with specialists in Harley Street, GPs and the NHS with steroid creams, lotions and pills all amounting to nothing but expense.

Lisa explained, “Kayleigh didn’t step foot outside the house for six months. The effect of losing her hair troubled her deeply, it was devastating to witness my little girl being so upset and self-conscience. Kayleigh is so gorgeous, she helps me around the house and saves her pocket money. It just felt unfair she was having to suffer so much.”

Kayleigh has been bullied at school and although teachers have dealt with the situation compassionately, they can never fully control a bully. However, Kayleigh has found strength in herself to get through the teasing and as a result of the Hair System, she now has the confidence to ignore it – something she’s never had before.

Lisa continued, “There is just so little information about Hair Loss. For example, we had been entitled to a free wig on the NHS for six years but no-one had told us.”

Kayleigh’s grandma stumbled across WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio in the paper which changed everything. A trip to WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio became just like visiting the hairdressers and Kayleigh was made to feel so special. She has a short style for summer and a longer style for winter, both Hair Systems are comfortable, natural and stylish which she wears to school.

Lisa said, “The first time WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio fitted Kayleigh’s Hair System, we saw a huge, natural smile which I had never witnessed before – her face truly lit up. It sounds clichéd, but getting her Hair System really was the best day of her life. We had been through such a long journey and now amazingly, you just wouldn’t know she is wearing a Hair System.”

Kayleigh’s life has changed much since receiving her Hair System. Ballet and tap exams now pre-occupy Kayleigh’s life rather than Hair Loss. To become a ballerina is her ultimate dream and although it’s hard work, Kayleigh and WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio are determined not to let Hair Loss get in her way.

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