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Client Photos – See for yourself!

Below you will see before and after photos of some of our young nonsurgical Hair Replacement clients who are children and who have come to us seeking solutions to their Hair Loss conditions. For some of these children, their Hair Loss was a temporary problem. For others it was an ongoing issue. Regardless of the cause, no child wants to feel different, or like an outsider. Childhood is a difficult enough time without throwing Hair Loss into the mix of emotional challenges.

The children you’ll see in this section are all unique. They come from different cultures, countries and backgrounds. But what they all have in common is that they were facing something difficult – the loss of the thing that made them feel “normal” like their friends. Their self- esteem had taken a blow. In the after pictures, take note of something that appears anew – something that was missing in the before pictures – self-confidence and hope.

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