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Questions and Answers

Of course when you embark on any new venture, you want to be armed with all the facts first. Performing due diligence is essential and nonsurgical Hair Replacement is no different. That’s why we try to answer any questions you might have before you make a decision to choose nonsurgical Hair Replacement. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions our Hair Replacement clients who are Women often ask before taking that step.

Is it necessary to shave my heard in order to solve my Hair Loss?

With respect to Hair Systems it is often best that it rest on a shaved surface so the base can disappear on the scalp. However, there are treatments available that don’t require shaving and these techniques can be discussed during your personal consultation.

I feel alone in this struggle with my Hair Loss. Do you have many Hair Replacement clients who are Women?

You are not alone. The majority of our clientele are women. The stigma against female Hair Loss often isolates its victims. We have solutions that are very effective for women and suggest a personal consultation with one of our consultants to obtain the best results.

I am worried that my boyfriend will feel my Hair System during intimacy. How can I avoid this?

Hair System technology has come a long way and new systems use base material that when properly placed on the scalp cannot be seen nor felt. Your consultant will be able to train you on how to place your Hair System and perform routine maintenance so that it will always remain undetectable.

I am tired of all the jargon that this industry uses to describe their products, how are your “solutions” different?

We are fellow Hair Loss sufferers and as such we experienced this industry as consumers first. Never having been satisfied by our own experiences, we opted to create a sanctuary where you will receive the straight facts about the very best solutions we have encountered in our worldwide search. Our consultants care. We offer a variety of solutions and in your consultation we will advise you on what we know will work best for your specific Hair Loss condition.

How long can I wear my Hair System?

Most clients find that their Hair Systems only require removal and general maintenance every two weeks. At WHITE CLIFFS, we suggest purchasing a pair of systems so that you can easily switch them if one is damaged, if it requires color or other more significant maintenance.

Can I maintain my Hair System myself?

General maintenance can often be performed at home. Occasionally, for hair color other than black, you will need to color your Hair System. Also, as is natural, the hair will be shed as your Hair System ages and you may need to deliver it to us to have additional hair tied-in. Remember, the more tender the care you provide your system, the longer it will last. Our studios are equipped with everything needed to ensure the greatest longevity for your Hair System. As with any investment, regular maintenance will net you the best results.

In general, how long do your Hair Systems last?

One of the reasons Hair Systems are sold as a pair is that they last longer if they are rotated and properly maintained. If a pair are purchased and maintained appropriately, you can expect that they will last two to three years.

My Hair Loss is in a specific location at my hairline and around my ears. Can your Hair Systems be customized?

Our Hair Systems are completely customized to your unique Hair Loss condition. We can resolve almost any situation and restore your natural look.

How much does a Hair System cost?

Prices depend on the nature, size and location of the Hair System needed. We offer Hair Systems that will meet your need at affordable prices. What you can’t afford to do is to live in the discomfort that your Hair Loss is causing you any longer; we are looking forward to showing you all that you will gain.

I am of African decent and I am suffering Hair Loss where the braiding I have done all of my life has literally pulled the hair from my hairline. Can you help me?

Fortunately, yes, we can help. We can work with you to resolve the Alopecia you are suffering in several ways depending on your unique Hair Loss. Contact us today to request a consultation and allow us to make a difference for you.

My hair is thinning, is a Hair System the right solution for my Hair Loss?

The right treatment is specific to your situation. Thinning hair can be treated in a number of ways; some thinning hair only requires the use of volumizers or extensions to undetectably restore the right look and feel. If a Hair System is your best option, one can be created that matches your natural hair color, density and characteristics restoring the look and feel your hair had before it became thin.

How does it feel to wear a Hair System?

In a word: wonderful. The result of receiving your hair back in an undetectable fashion will leave you, and us, overjoyed. As we have personally experienced – and as our clients have told us – it feels like you have your own hair back, clear to that feeling of your long hair gracing your shoulders in the shower. You will feel like yourself again.

If we haven’t addressed your particular question here, or completely answered it, feel free to contact us, using the form below. Simply type in a question, send it and one of our expert Hair Loss Consultants will answer your question within 24 hours. It’s that easy. So don’t let a question hold you back from getting the help you need.

Ask-A-Question about Hair Replacement for Women.