SHANDY 132 FILMS and counting….

Speaking with Faraz Shauketaly in Chennai, Southern India.

SriLankan Shandy Ravichandran the exuberant owner of the WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio network has made his mark in South India’s film industry: his fame is HAIR. His achievements are many; his clientele almost always from the celebrity “A” list.

Speaking exclusively to Faraz Shauketaly in “Chennai”, “SHANDY” was quick to ass that he had quite a number of not-so-high-profile clients too- and not just in Chennai. The WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio Network has 22 outlets with six in India, Dubai, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka feature on the horizon.

Shandy who is based in London and Chennai, has many achievements and accolades: his WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio is well known as the creator of the famed Mayfair Non-surgical Hair Replacement System for women, children and men among many other Hair Replacement products and services. His accolades are many from Europe and India.

Founded he says,” On principles of trust, compassion and customer Dedication”. WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio is famed for its innovation, creativity and style in hair loss solutions.

Over the years, WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio has become renowned as the place where the needs are taken to heart and where world-leading solution to a wide range of hair loss problems of men, women and children are offered with a people-first approach.

Backed by scientific research and breakthrough technology, WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio adopts a more sensitive, personalized and ethical approach which differentiates it from a host of other Hair Studio.

Being an industry leader in providing state-of-the-art Hair Loss solutions including ‘nonsurgical hair replacement’, ‘hair re-growth therapy’ and hair transplant surgery’, the range of products are thoroughly tested and handpicked to deliver truly effective and cost efficient solutions. For WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio, every client is an opportunity to improve someone’s life.

With professionally trained and skillful expertise. WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio offers fully-fledged consultation to hair loss issues and aids you in making informed choices that go a long way to make you feel confident and live stylishly. Costs in SriLanka rupees start from around Rs.50, 000-making it as Shandy puts it, “eminently affordable to all budgets”. His motto “Life is for Living-there is a better way, welcome to WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio.

Shandy has plans

To bring his Hair Studio business to Sri Lanka- where he already has an extensive clientele list and is actively pursuing that project. In the meantime, he continued to give the Indian Stars a head start with a fascinating glow.