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WHITE CLIFFS’ Greatest Innovation

Those suffering from thinning hair and patchy Hair Loss know that this type of Hair Loss condition is the most difficult to overcome. Most women do not want to shave their existing hair in order to wear traditional nonsurgical Hair Systems.

For those with thinning hair who need instant volume and density, our patented innovation The Volumizer™ Hair System integrates seamlessly with your existing hair, ensuring complete undetectability and awards you the confidence to go out into the world and meet all of life’s challenges without worry or concern.

The Volumizer it is a micro, ultra fine Hair System specially made for a certain area of your hair that is thinning. Our technology is so advanced that the Volumizer perfectly blends into your existing hair so it is virtually undetectable yet adds instant volume to your own hair easily and naturally.

Fully breathable with micro pores like your skin, the Volumizer is secure, durable, and very reliable in any situation … even showering, sleeping, and swimming.

Significantly, the Volumizer innovation has created a simple and proprietary attachment method that means No More Adhesives! You can attach it yourself easily.

Crafted from the finest grade of human hair available, the Volumizer is customized to your own hair’s texture, density, length, style, and color.

Seeing is Believing

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