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The challenges of Hair Replacement for Women are different than the challenges of replacing men’s hair. WHITE CLIFFS is a pioneer in providing Women with stylish and undetectable nonsurgical Hair Replacement solutions that answer the special needs of Women suffering from Hair Loss.

Hair Loss in Women is a more common problem that you might think. It’s also a more complicated issue than it is for Men. Not only do Women generally lose their hair in different ways than Men, the social implications of it are far more difficult. Women do not generally expect to ever lose their hair. Even the words commonly used to describe a woman’s hair – mane, crowning glory, tresses – imply the high value society puts on a woman’s hair. So when she begins to lose that thing that makes her distinctively feminine, the emotional toll can be devastating.

We understand what Women are experiencing. We are proud of our industry-leading nonsurgical Hair Replacement solutions for Women. We’ve helped thousands of Women just like you to regain their lives and restore their self-image along with their natural appearance. There are solutions to your Hair Loss condition. You can have your life back. When you look in the mirror you can see yourself again.

WHITE CLIFFS is proud to be the innovators of the state-of-the-art Mayfair Hair System for Women, a Hair System so natural-looking and undetectable that WHITE CLIFFS has been voted “Best Hair Replacement in Europe” in 2008 by HairSite, the largest website dedicated to Hair Loss.

Our patented Mayfair Front Hairline is so natural-looking that it’s virtually undetectable. Intrigued? Take a look through this section and you’ll find the answers to the questions you have about Hair Loss and Hair Replacement for Women.

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