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“Be Kind to your Hair”™ Hair Extensions

WHITE CLIFFS is reaching ultimate heights in innovation and style when it comes to giving you more hair as naturally as possible! That’s why WHITE CLIFFS is proud to present WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions, a unique system that is just that …

Kind to Your Hair!

Whether it’s for fashion or simply to thicken your own hair, WHITE CLIFFS offers a safe and natural solution that will instantly add length and increase thickness undetectably to your existing hair.

Ultimately WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions will cause no unnecessary harm to your own hair. Our methods will ensure that your hair is free from stress and damage, allowing your own hair to continue growing longer and stronger.

Since their introduction in 2005, increasing numbers of UK stars such as Linda Lusardi, Adele Silva from Emmerdale, Big Brother’s Jenny, and Clara from ITV’s “Ladette to Lady” are switching to WHITE CLIFFS’ Be Kind to Your Hair™ Extensions.

Hair & Technique

WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions are ultimately custom made!

As hair specialists we offer the finest and most advanced 100% premium quality, remarkable human hair extensions available up to 22 inches in length. We will not compromise in the quality of our hair as we want the final appearance to be as natural as your own hair.

WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions are perfectly matched to your hair colour or desired colour incorporating all the subtle tones that your own hair may have. Every stem is custom-made to get the prefect blends that your natural hair possesses.

WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions are perfectly matched to your hair texture too. Also available for curly hair you are able to choose the exact curl that you require to get that perfect match!

When applied the correct way by our experts you will leave with extensions perfectly blended and styled to your desires; even on close inspection they will look completely natural, most importantly without the need for glues, heat or high-tension braids.

Hair Extensions Care and Products

Looking after your WHITE CLIFFS ‘Be Kind to Your Hair’™ Extensions could never be easier. You can continue to use your favourite hair products and wash your own hair as you already do, you will find that your new head of hair will look and behave just like your own and you can treat it just as you normally would your own. Furthermore you can style it using hairdryers, straightners and curling irons however you wish. No matting! Melting! Or tangling!

We will go through the whole hair care process with you, giving you tips on how to keep your beautiful hair looking so good; it’s so easy that when you leave the salon, you will walk away knowing exactly how to look after your new thicker and fuller hair.

We operate from different parts of world, Chennai, Coimbatore, London, Srilanka. We are proud to have provided services to Tamil Movie Industry in Chennai on more than 160 movies. We have also been a part of Hollywood movies.

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