Children’s Hair Loss

While it’s not common for children to lose their hair, it happens every day. This year alone, over two million children in the United States will experience excessive Hair Loss or alopecia. There are many causes for it, many of them underlying medical issues, but whatever the reason, Hair Loss in children can have a profoundly devastating impact on a child’s self-esteem. Children can be cruel. Probing questions about a child’s Hair Loss and outright taunting can cause children to withdraw from life. They often feel they can no longer participate in the things they once did because people will gawk at them. So the ramifications of a child’s Hair Loss can go well beyond the obvious and into areas that might affect them for life.

The causes for children’s Hair Loss cross a broad spectrum of medical conditions. Alopecia Areata (whose symptoms range from patchy Hair Loss to total Hair Loss) are believed to have some genetic component to them as well as some connection to an immune system/nervous disorder. Trichotillomania, or the compulsion to pull one’s own hair out can cause patchy Hair Loss. Even fungal infections like Tinea Capatis (scalp ringworm) can cause itchy red patches that can cause hair to fall out in large round patches. Other issues, like chemotherapy, can be the culprits in children’s’ Hair Loss, if only temporarily. In fact, parents might be heartened to learn that even in cases of total Hair Loss due to Alopecia Areata, 60% of those children will outgrow the problem.

But whether the problem is temporary or permanent, Hair Replacement can be the answer to the trauma Hair Loss causes. There was a time when ill-fitting wigs were the only solution to this problem. But wigs, used as recently as the eighties, were often heavy and made of synthetic hair and looked completely unnatural. The result did nothing to help that child overcome the emotional ramifications of Hair Loss. With the innovations in the Hair Replacement industry, there are many ways to restore a child’s hair in a natural-looking way that allows them to participate in all the activities they want to: swimming, jumping on a trampoline, and simply being a child without worrying that their lack of hair will embarrass them.

At WHITE CLIFFS, we use only genuine human hair which is dyed, cut and styled to match to your child’s own hair. We are proud of our award-winning Hair Systems especially designed for children and proud of the thousands of children we’ve helped with their Hair Loss issues. As with our adult clients, each child is individually evaluated and fitted with the Hair Replacement option that suits them best. Even more importantly, children who use our systems can live their lives full out as they were meant to do without worrying about their Hair Loss.

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