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Alopecia Treatment

Questions and Answers

What caused my Alopecia?

Some Alopecia is caused by an autoimmune disorder; other known causes are hair follicle damage, medications and, of course, stress. The cause of your particular Hair Loss situation is personal and is a question for a medical professional. Fortunately, WHITE CLIFFS has a solution to virtually any Hair Loss condition.

I constantly hear that someone has to qualify as a candidate for nonsurgical Alopecia treatment. Why is that?

The cause for your Alopecia and whether or not it will eventually resolve itself determines the course of treatment. Some forms of Alopecia only last up to a year. Others may require transitional solutions through the phases of progressive Hair Loss that result. One of our expert Hair Loss consultants will be able to help design a course of treatment to keep you looking great and feeling great.

My daughter started losing big bunches of her hair last year. Now it is almost completely gone. Is a Hair System the right Alopecia treatmentfor a young, active girl?

Yes, it is probable that a Hair System could be the best solution. With Alopecia Totalis, Hair Systems provide the fastest and most natural results. Restoring your daughter’s natural look before her Hair Loss is the core expertise of WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studios.

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