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Every day, clients walk into our Hair Replacement clinics looking to change their lives. They know they’ve lost their hair, their natural appearance, but they suspect they’ve lost something even more essential. They have their own story and their own reasons for wanting to restore the hair they used to have. When they leave, they go back into their lives with something they thought they’d lost for good – their self-confidence and their self-esteem as well as their natural appearance.

At WHITE CLIFFS, we’re proud of what we do. We perform the art of Hair Replacement at a very high level. The photos you’ll see in the links below represent just a sampling of our thousands of satisfied Hair Replacement clients’ before and after photos. Go ahead. Take a close look at them. We think you’ll agree that our Hair Systems are virtually undetectable. Restoring a clients’ natural appearance is the first step toward restoring a client’s life, whether they are men, women or children.

This is what we do at WHITE CLIFFS. We’re famous for it.

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