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Testimonials – In my own words…

Children are honest about their feelings. If our nonsurgical Hair Replacement solutions didn’t make these children look good and feel good, you’d hear about it. But like our adult Hair Replacement clients, the children we help appreciate our Mayfair Hair Systems that are created specially for children suffering from Hair Loss. These child clients appreciate what we have done to change their lives for the better.

Take the time to read the testimonials or our Hair Replacement clients who are children below. These are just a sampling of the many dozens of satisfied children we have helped. Listen to the children tell their own stories – in their own words – about what our nonsurgical Hair Systems have done for them. If you’re a parent, we invite you to allow your child to read as well. We hope you’ll see that the process of restoring a child’s hair can be a comfortable, pleasant one for both you and your child.

“The first thing I noticed is that people stopped staring at me. Getting my hair back allows me to sing on stage again like I did before I lost my hair. The people at WHITE CLIFFS have been kind to my family and me. I feel normal again. I can go into the bathroom and say ‘my hair is a mess’ like girls my age do. I feel happy and beautiful.”
– Bethany, age 13

“The result for me has been getting my life back. I am no longer afraid of staying over at friends, I dance, go bowling, and am no longer afraid of going back to my love of swimming: all of which I lost when my hair fell out. I also into my dream career: currently training as a hairdresser. Indeed, I have come to realise how valuable hair is and what an art form it is… you express who you are through your hair. I also like to make people feel good through their hair by helping them to express who they are and looking their best.
I also have my confidence back, no worries about wind coming along and blowing my hair, and I now have a boyfriend that really has changed my life. After a long illness, and the frustration of not knowing what to do, I now have taken an action that has bettered my life and put me on a positive course … I see a bright future full of good things and with my beautiful hair. Thanks WHITE CLIFFS.
– Jade Louise, age 17

“I love my hair and cannot stop touching it! I feel so much more confidence and cannot wait to go out with my friends and even swim when I want to. My mother is also a WHITE CLIFFS client. We both wear hair from WHITE CLIFFS, which makes us be closer.”

– Evie, 7 years old

“The Hair System didn’t feel like the old wig at all, that was painful as I had to pull it really tight because my head was smaller than the wig is used to wear. I had to pull it so tight it made imprints on my head. In PE, the ball bounced on my head and the wig would turn. I had to run off and fix it. And the fringe would never stay in the right place and it used to wobble when I was on the trampoline. Trampoline is my favorite thing in PE and when I jumped people could see under the wig. Now with the system I can jump really high which I could never do before. It’s great because I could never do rolypolys before and I had to sit out of the class. I think if I’d met someone my age when I started losing my hair it would have helped. It might have made the teasing at school a bit easier. Now when girls ask if it’s my real hair I just say it is and they believe me.”

– Jade, 13 years old

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