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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair System? Ask José.

“Clearly this has changed my life.”

Joseé and his father were working together on a construction project when a metal pole Jose was holding hit a high voltage power line. As José’s father tried to push him away, they were both electrocuted. Thankfully and amazingly, Jose survived but received electrical burns at the entry point at the top of his head.

José has been wearing a hat for many years to conceal his burns. José was fortunate enough to enter and win White Cliffs’ quarterly contest for a free pair of non-surgical hair systems. He was custom fitted at our Chicago Hair Replacement studio.

José is a handsome young man who can now live his life without any limitations caused by his scarring or the necessity of wearing hats, such as attending church. José is happy to have had White Cliffs restore his natural appearance and his quality of life.

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