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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair System?  Ask Lee Williams.

“An Incredible Person”

Only 21 years old and trained as a primary school teacher, Lee Williams is very much a typical twenty something young man.  Lee is a young, blonde Brit with a big smile that looks every part like he’s enjoying the best years of his life. Yet, Lee’s smile hides the fact that he has had to conquer many battles in his young life. Struck with Leukemia as a child, his chances for survival were not in his favor. Then, in 2005, he received more bad news; he had a brain tumor that was inoperable (currently sitting in an area that affects his spine). In the course of this new challenge, Lee lost one of the crowning glories of youth: his hair. It has been a tough road. But despite the shock, pain and uncertainty, Lee has never lost that great British “stiff upper lip”- the fight to go forward and never give up.

So, what does this proud primary school teacher do? Run one of the most grueling 26-mile races on the planet of course! Lee ran the New York Marathon – for charity.

At WHITE CLIFFS we believe that life is to be lived to the fullest.  Lee Williams embodies that belief while wearing a WHITE CLIFFS Hair System.  He looks great.  Not only can Lee run 26 miles wearing his Hair System.  He can shower and swim with it, too.  In short, he can live a normal life.

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