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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair Systems?  Ask Marvin.

“Crowning Glory”

Nightclub promoter Marvin is known for his flowing locks, but had to contemplate losing his defining feature when male pattern baldness threatened his entire look. Marvin says, “My hair was my pride, my image – particularly as society is becoming more and more image driven. I didn’t want to shave it all off and look like Grant Mitchell.” About 10 months ago, Marvin was watching the daytime television show “This Morning”, which was airing a feature about WHITE CLIFFS’ amazing Hair Replacement Systemss. Marvin watched as a man wearing a WHITE CLIFFS Hair Systems faced a high-powered wind machine and a bucket of water. The Hair Systems didn’t shift, moving only as a real head of hair would. Amazingly, you could see scalp beneath the wet hair as well as a totally natural hairline! Marvin was impressed and, after some hesitation, contacted WHITE CLIFFS. He said, “I had been balding for two years but it still took a little while to make the call because everyone recognized me by my long hair, even though I had a bald patch on top.”

Marvin couldn’t be more pleased that he eventually made the call. Today, he wears a WHITE CLIFFS Hair Systems and says, “I look like I did 20 years ago. It’s been a Godsend. Now life is just one long party! Our club features 70s and 80s soul music – I’ve always had long hair and that fits in with our club themes. I’d been looking for an alternative to going bald for about 2 years before I had the Hair Systems fitted.”

WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio offers the world’s most advanced custom-made, nonsurgical Hair Systems suitable for men, women and children. It is undetectable to sight and touch, safe, effective and natural looking.  Uniquely, these Hair Systemss can be styled or even blow-dried as required, and products such as gel and hair spray can be applied as normal. You can sleep, shower, swim, workout in the gym, play sport and style your hair just as before. ‘The first time I went into the club after I’d had the Hair Systems fitted, I expected people to start tugging it,” says Marvin. Ninety-nine percent of the public didn’t realize I’d had something done, and they’d been seeing me every week for six months. So ninety-nine percent of the people have no idea that this is not my real hair.”

“I come back to WHITE CLIFFS once per month, my hair is re-groomed and restyled, and I walk out how I looked the first time I had it done.”

Marvin decided to share his story as he reasoned, “It’s very acceptable for women to have false hair and hair extensions. So why not for men? I believe in the WHITE CLIFFS vision and its incredible Hair Loss product, and I want to help people in the same position I was in five months ago.”

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