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Even after browsing our website, you will have questions about Hair Replacement for men. Investing in a nonsurgical Hair Replacement solution from WHITE CLIFFS is something we hope you examine thoroughly before jumping in so that you feel as confident as we do about your new Hair Systems. For that reason, we have included a FAQ section on Hair Replacement for men where we try to answer many of the questions that clients routinely have when they visit one of our Hair Replacement clinics. Take a look at our FAQ section to see if we’ve addressed your question there.

If, for some reason, you have other questions that are not answered here, or not answered to your satisfaction, WHITE CLIFFS provides a way to get your inquiry answered promptly. Simply fill out the form below and within 24 hours, one of our expert Hair Replacement consultants will get back to you with the answer you need. It’s as simple as that. So don’t let questions hold you back from making the changes you want to make. Go ahead, ask. We’re here for you.

How long can I leave my Hair System on for?

Generally, you can keep your Hair System on for up to four weeks at which point you will need to remove it for maintenance, which can be done at one of our studios or at home. This varies by your skin type; oily skin may break down adhesive sooner than dry skin. Also, lifestyle makes a difference; swimming frequently in a pool can also cause the need for more frequent maintenance.

Is it necessary to shave my head in order to wear a Hair System?

Hair Systems can either be braided and sewn in or clipped to existing hair or by shaving and fixing the Hair System with an adhesive. Hair Replacement base material can more easily disappear on the scalp if it is set on a shaved surface.

How long after you design my Hair System will I need to wait before I can have my system?

In a typical situation, Hair Systems will be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks from the design date.

What is the life span of your Hair Systems?

One of the reasons hair systems are sold as a pair is that they last longer if they are rotated and properly maintained. If a pair are purchased and maintained appropriately, you can expect that they will last two years.

How do hot weather and sweat affect my Hair System?

WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair Hair Systems are designed to breathe and allow sweat and body heat to flow through the base naturally.

Is it possible to have hair added a bit at a time, so no one can notice that you are having something done? I do not want to walk into work one day without hair and the next day with a full head of hair.

With WHITE CLIFFS Phases Method, you can rest assured that you will be transitioned into hair as slowly or as quickly as your personal Hair Loss situation allows. The truth is, your co-workers won’t notice your Hair Replacement so long as your Hair System is undetectable. Our Hair Replacement clients have reported that they are often asked if they are losing weight or they receive comments that they look great.

Why does the Hair Replacement industry have such a bad name?

Hair Replacement became an industry and like any industry it became a world of quick fixes and impersonal solutions. Like any industry, predators abound that seek to play on the fears of those desperate for a solution to their Hair Loss situation.

WHITE CLIFFS was born of our own experiences in being abused and not getting what we all want most; the freedom to live our lives without worry or fear. We wanted to provide a sanctuary for fellow Hair Loss sufferers wherein they can be treated with dignity and respect and receive the very best that this industry has to offer. We have circled the world in search of the best Hair Replacement solutions and are now providing them in our Hair Replacement studios.

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