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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair System?  Ask Lillian.

“Life … Back on Track”

Lillian, from Brazil, lives in Brentford near Chiswick.  Since she has worn WHITE CLIFFS Xtensions™ Hair Extensions, the glamorous Brazilian party organizer has regained a Latin attitude to her tresses.  “Women from Brazil treasure their hair,” she said.

Lillian’s Hair Extensions have helped her overcome regrets about cutting her hair, which she did in order to donate it to a Brazilian charity that makes wigs for children suffering the affects of Chemotherapy. But, after her selfless gesture, Lillian began feeling very self-conscious about not having her long locks. Lillian said, “My grandparents never let me cut my hair. Brazilian women are very feminine and their very long, natural hair is part of that femininity. I definitely regretted cutting my hair but since having WHITE CLIFFS’ Hair Extensions applied, I feel more attractive and feminine again.”

WHITE CLIFFS’ Xtensions™ gave Lillian back the natural length and fullness she desired without the need for glues, adhesive tapes or high-tension braids that often cause some of the damage hair extensions from other brands are known for. Also, with WHITE CLIFFS Xtensions™, there is no need for damaging compounds when they are removed.  Everything is naturally kind to your hair.

Lillian said, it was “really hard” to style her hair when she was growing it out but she was reluctant to have extensions. Even in the celebrity world in which she moved, she had seen some poor examples of hair extensions, which had made her wary.   “I organize parties for clients including Cartier, which are attended by the most stylish celebrities – we had Sienna Miller attend last week. But, I’ve seen some terrible hair extensions very badly done. When the women put their hair up, you can see the glue and it looks a state. So, I wasn’t sure about having WHITE CLIFFS Xtensions™, but I was so impressed with what I saw.  The reassurance I was given was great. I enjoy the whole process of watching my hair being done, the washing, drying and styling.”

Lillian is planning to return to a job as a PA in an international management-consulting firm that works with some of the best-managed companies worldwide. She explains the decision was ”an entire life change” and said, “my hair is definitely part of that.”

“I’m finally doing all the things that make me happy. Thanks to WHITE CLIFFS.”

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