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How Incredible is the WHITE CLIFFS Mayfair™ Hair System?  Ask Nikki.

“Nikki is a True Star”

Dave Cole is Nikki Hardy’s loving partner and he tells WHITE CLIFFS about Nikki’s story.

Nikki is an extraordinary person, aged 36 from Staffordshire, since she was aged 11 she has had hair problems and up until recently she was been wearing a wig every day.

The problem originally started due to a very bad problem with her thyroids, as well as having two separate radioactive treatments for different things. The first being when she was 19. She had her thyroid partially removed in an operation in the November but by February it had basically grown back so she had a very large dose of radio-iodine to try to kill it off.

The second was a few years ago when she had an operation for a well developed ectopic pregnancy. After the operation the doctors found her pregnancy hormone still going up so they gave her radio-active treatment in order to kill off the cells …. At the time she was only the fifth person in the country to try this method.

Her whole life has been dedicated to helping her family and friends that’s what makes her so special. Although she is still poorly herself she still works full-time and she is a dedicated carer for her mother who lives with us as well as having her own child (plus two of mine!!). She also fostered 3 children on behalf of social services too. Our children are her life as she was always told that she could never have children of her own; extraordinarily she had one daughter, now 8, she is very special as Nikki nearly lost her when she was born 3 months prematurely.

Nikki is a true star who feels like she had a dreadful secret about her hair and is very conscious about it. Her job as a trainer is very front line and she is addressing the public on a daily basis. She helps other people to try to succeed in their lives. She has also specialised in helping Special Needs clients in the past.

This truly did affect her everyday life, I think it brought it home this Christmas with a group conversation about us all going to Alton Towers, to which she responded that she couldn’t go as she was scared the wig would fall off.

She also used to get very irritated with how hot and itchy her head become and how unrealistic so many wigs can be…. as well as expensive. I know that she was very embarrassed about her hair, and whilst it doesn’t bother me as I know it’s not her fault, I know that she felt the eyes of others peering at her hairline on a daily basis. She hated doing anything wet or in the rain as she was convinced it looked obvious.

She found out about WHITE CLIFFS amazing system after reading about it in a magazine and I decided to contact them about Nikki.

“Nikki’s fitting day had arrived and we were approached by a very nervous individual who almost couldn’t believe what could happen on this day” says Michelle from WHITE CLIFFS “When her fitting was over it was spectacular, so tearful, happy and excited … She kept saying ‘I can’t believe it, it looks like my own hair!’ it was fantastic to see Nikki change. She won’t have to think twice about going swimming and to Alton Towers with her kids and she definitely won’t have to be conscious when facing the public at work”

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