HairMax LaserComb – A Breakthrough Hair Loss Treatment

  • 93% of HairMax LaserComb® users in clinical studies experienced hair growth
  • First and only home use medical device FDA Class II Cleared to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women
  • HairMax LaserComb is a better hair loss treatment option than Propecia
  • A safe and effective hair loss treatment with NO serious side effects
  • The HairMax LaserComb helps improve overall scalp health

The HairMax LaserComb® laser hair loss treatment is a breakthrough in hair growth technology. FDA Cleared*, Clinically Proven and Doctor Recommended, the HairMax LaserComb hair loss treatment makes hair loss and thinning hair an option rather than an unavoidable reality.

How the HairMax LaserComb® works to Treat Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth

The HairMax LaserComb is the First and Only FDA Cleared home-use medical device that utilizes laser phototherapy to effectively promote hair growth and treat hair loss.* At last, both men and women can combat hair loss with a scientifically backed, clinically proven treatment in the privacy of their own homes.

The HairMax LaserComb represents over two decades of research and development culminating in a low level laser therapy medical device that is a safe, effective and easy to use hair loss treatment. Seven double blind, device controlled, clinical studies with 460 subjects have been conducted at top medical research centers such as the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami and the University of Minnesota. Subjects used the HairMax LaserComb for an average of 8-15 minutes, 3 times per week for 26 weeks.

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Clinical study results conclusively prove that treatment with the HairMax LaserComb provides hair growth that is comparable or better than Propecia and minoxidil without any serious side effects. In fact, over 93% of men and women in these studies experienced significant hair growth. Other benefits include revitalization of dormant hair follicles, increased density and fullness of hair, reversal of the thinning process and overall improvement in scalp health.

In addition, the HairMax LaserComb offers the following benefits:

Its the FIRST and ONLY home use laser photo therapy medical device to treat hair loss that is Cleared by the FDA and Clinically Proven Effective. The HairMax LaserComb has gone through the rigorous process of gaining FDA clearance, making it subject to stringent manufacturing and quality regulations. You can have confidence in its technological legitimacy and value.

It works for women too. In, 2011, the FDA Cleared the HairMax LaserComb to treat hair loss and promote hair growth* in women. This is truly groundbreaking news – For the first time in over 23 years women now have a choice between a topical drug hair loss treatment (minoxidil) and the safe, effective, easy to use HairMax LaserComb.

It takes very little time to use. Treat your hair loss in just 8-15 minutes, 3 times per week. Minimize the time you spend battling the frustrating fight with hair loss – with maximum results

It’s clean. The HairMax LaserComb does not require messy topicals that leave stains all over your hands, clothing and bedding.

It’s Cost Effective. No more repeatedly visiting a clinic or salon or incurring monthly refill costs. The HairMax LaserComb hair loss treatment is a one time purchase that is built to last for 10-15 years of regular use.

It’s Safe – No Serious Side Effects ever reported. The HairMax LaserComb gives off no heat and is painless to use

How the HairMax LaserComb Energizes Hair Follicles to Treat Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

The key to the effectiveness of the HairMax LaserComb lies in the stimulation of the hair follicles. When the hair follicle suffers from poor blood flow or a hormone by product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hair follicle progressively diminishes until it’s permanently gone. The HairMax LaserComb utilizes laser phototherapy to stimulate the hair follicle. By bathing the scalp with gentle, nourishing laser light, the follicles are infused with the energy necessary to stimulate growth factors, extend the growth phase and help restore a healthy hair cycle.

Additionally, laser phototherapy hair loss treatments help to increase blood flow to the scalp and helps to eliminate harmful wastes products such as DHT.

HairMax LaserComb & The Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: Growth (Anagen), Resting (Telogen) and Shedding (Catagen). The images below illustrate the various states of the hair root and how the HairMax LaserComb treats hair loss at each phase.

Anagen – the active growth phase   Catagen – the resting phase   Telogen – the shedding phase.

At any given time, 10-20% of your hair is in the Catagen or Telogen phase waiting to be shed and replaced by an active Anagen hair (similar to the way a baby tooth is pushed out by a permanent tooth).



The HairMax LaserComb stimulates the scalp and energizes follicles in the Catagen or Telogen phase causing a new Anagen hair to be formed. These new Anagen hairs cause the old Catagen and Telogen hairs to shed now as opposed to being shed at a later time. This increase in Anagen hair activity results in a slight increase in shedding and should not be a cause for concern. The hairs being shed during this time are being replaced by new healthier stronger hairs. Supporting this hypothesis are user reports of increased hair shedding during the onset of treatment. This is a positive sign and, in-line with the Anagen induction hypothesis, indicates that hairs in the Catagen and Telogen phases are being stimulated to fall out of the scalp only to be replaced by healthier, thicker hair.



A. In the “Growth Phase” or “Anagen Phase”, each hair grows approximately one centimeter (1/2 inch) per month for a period of 2 to 8 years. The HairMax LaserComb helps by providing energy to the hair growth process thus producing healthier, fuller hair.

B. In the “Resting Phase” or “Telogen Phase”, the hair stops growing and ‘rests’ for 2 to 4 months and eventually falls out. The HairMax helps by stimulating re-growth of new hair.

C. Termed “Vellus Hair” (light colored, short, fine “peach fuzz” hairs), the HairMax helps these fine hairs by stimulating them to grow into thicker, more mature hair.

D. The root is dead and cannot be helped.

Customer Satisfaction is of Primary Importance

  • Clinically Proven to Treat Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth with 93% success rate*
  • Excellent customer satisfaction. Overwhelming positive user experience
  • Designed in the USA and Patented Worldwide
  • Manufactured to GMP Standards and ISO Quality Assured
  • Proud Members of the Better Business Bureau with A+ rating
  • Backed by Worldwide Hair Loss Experts

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