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Questions and Answers

When you embark on any new venture, you want to be armed with all the facts first. Performing due diligence is essential and nonsurgical Hair Replacement is no different. That’s why we try to answer any questions you might have about the Volumizer Hair System before you make a decision to choose this nonsurgical Hair Replacement solution. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions our Hair Replacement clients who are Women often ask before taking that step.

Who is it for?

The Volumizer Hair System is for those who have lost hair density at the top of the scalp or along the sides. Or simply, people who want to easily and quickly add volume to their existing hair- using the highest quality human hair available.

How is it Attached?

In one of two ways. For those wanting to be able to add or remove it instantly we have a patented snap in system. For those wanting a more permanent adhesion we have a “semi weave” system whereby we integrate strands of your existing hair through it. Either way, you can sleep, swim, shower and basically live in WHITE CLIFF’S Volumizer™.

Who is the Volumizer good for?

The Volumizer™ is perfect for those with thinning hair (not requiring full Hair Replacement) and thus a need for instant volume, our patented Volumizer™ system integrates with your existing hair, becoming one. This ensures complete undetectability and gives you the confidence to go out into the world and meet all of life’s challenges without worry.

For specialised Hair Replacement involving “hard to solve” thinning/Hair Loss areas (larger areas that have hair, but are very thin) the Volumizer™ is an excellent way to solve the problem permanently, easily, and with total undetectability.

Can my own hair still breath?

Fully breathable with micro pores like your skin, the Volumizer Hair System enables your hair and scalp to receive the necessary oxygen it needs.

Is it secure?

It is secure, strong, and very reliable in any situation… even showering, sleeping, and swimming. Importantly, WHITE CLIFFS’ innovation has created a proprietary (and very simple) attachment method, which means No More MESSY GLUES! You can attach it yourself easily.

Can I take it on and off every day?

As we custom make everything for you and your lifestyle we can cater for however you need to combine our solutions into your life, if you want a Volumizer™ Hair System that you can take on and off frequently then we will attach it accordingly, it will still be secure and safe in your day to day activities. When you come in for a consultation we will find out what you hope to achieve and customise for your needs.

I have very fine hair can this work for me?

When you come in for a consultation we will examine your hair and scalp and tell you what we recommend, we will explain to you clearly what is possible and how we can cater for you. The beauty of WHITE CLIFFS solutions are that they are custom so we can cater for the finest hair to the more complicated hair types.

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