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Case Studies

Just as no two people are alike, no two Hair Loss cases are exactly the same. The children whose Hair Loss cases we discuss in this section are no exception. Their stories are different with conditions ranging from illness to injury, but the one thing they all share is the effect Hair Loss had on their lives. The emotional impact of looking ‘different’, or ‘sick’ or feeling apart from the rest of their peer group, brought these children to WHITE CLIFFS looking for a solution to their Hair Loss.

What happened in our clinics for these children was nothing short of transformational. It didn’t only restore their natural appearance; it gave them back their lives and it gave them a safe and supportive sanctuary to discover that they were not alone. Is your child suffering with his or her Hair Loss? Have they taken a step back from life, lost their confidence? Do you worry about them every day? If so, read the stories of our youngest Hair Replacement clients who decided they were tired of missing out on life.

WHITE CLIFFS was here for them. We will be here for your child, too.

Hair Replacement for Children Bethany Marx

Hair Replacement for Children Evie Flynn

Hair Replacement for Children Jade Louise

Hair Replacement for Children Kayleigh

Hair Replacement for Children Jade Taylor

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